Installed Android Car Stereo Notice on Mercedes w211 (E-class '03-'09) with the Harmon Kardon Command Navigation system

This notice from customers feedback:

Mercedes w211 (E-class '03-'09) with the Harmon Kardon Command Navigation system (this is the best stereo they offered), do not have the wiring harness most models have. For your information helping future customers I've attached the two connectors it does have.

     - connector 1 is the 3.5mm headphone jack that is located in the glove box compartment. This is optional, I didn't connect this to an input on the android unit.
     - connector 2 has 12V+ (red/yellow), GND (brown), these are the only ones needed. Amp turn-on (pink), and the two fiber optic cables are no longer used when replacing the factory headunit and amp.
To connect the canbus to the android unit wiring harness, you have to splice into the two canbus wires that run to the CD changer that is below the receiver. You have to remove the CD changer to remove the factory headunit, so the wires are easy to access. It's the brown and brown/red twisted pair that is on one of the connectors that plugs into the CD changer. It's easy to spot.
So the installation was very easy, but was not plug and play with your wiring harness. And I had to hunt down the wiring schematics to figure out where to tie into the canbus +/-.... hopefully this helps someone else in the future.

factory connector 1

factory connector 2

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