How to hook up / connect back up / reverse camera on Belsee BMW Android Display Screen Radio

360 camera installation: Fit all factory and aftermarket 360 rear view camera.

Please choose the 360 camera in the setting.

BMW camera connection settings

After selecting the 360 camera: the reversing control wire will work (the reversing control wire will switch to the reverse mode if it has 12V voltage, and it will return to the home page if there is no 12V voltage.

BMW android head unit connect to reverse camera

Please connect like below image to show. 1. reverse detect/ control wire. 2. connect the 12V red wire from your camera to reverse control wire. 3.The 2 wire 12v red wires connect to original car over the positive pole of the headlight. The black wire should connect it to ground.

connect back up camera to BMW android screen display

Factory / Aftermarket camera: select the rear-mounted camera as shown in the following picture-----reverse gear-----can automatically switch the reverse mode, you can install it in the following ways (if you select the rear-mounted camera and reverse gear, you can’t switch to reverse Mode, this method is not applicable) Before installation, please test whether the machine can turn to mode when reversing.

Choose original camera from settings.

android head unit with carplay android auto

Connect as shown below, pay special attention to the ground wire of the camera must be connected to the ground wire of the original car.

1.Choose the 12V wire connect to 12V from camera. 2. connect that 2 red wires together to original car over the positive pole of the headlight. 3.The black wire should connect it to ground.

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