How to solve problem without any sound after installed Volvo V60 Android head unit radio.

This is real case from our customer. He purchased Volvo S60 V60 Android Autoradio.

This is V60 back of OEM radio and plugs:

Volvo V60 OEM radio plugs

Volvo V60 OEM radio plugs

This is special harness.

Volvo V60 S60 wiring harness

The problem is


I have received the unit I can make it power up, and i have connect with my samsung mobile.

But i can't hear anything from the speakers, (radio, spotify or phone calls)


fiber optic

This fiber optic from factory plug.


Our head unit keep the original fiber optic and OEM main-unit.

Please install the factory screen on the right storage. Then you will get the sound.
You can check the original screen install it on the right storage.


fiber optic

This plug connect to

fiber optic

this connector from our harness.

Please disconnect the fiber optic, then connect that connectors to

fiber optic

our this plug from our harness:

fiber optic

Then please connect this cable to your factory main engine:

fiber optic

The customer feedback:


Just tried to connect the fibre optic, and now audio is working.