The NO sound problem solve can be working with latest aftermarket BMW radio screen like CIC, CCC, NBT system.


This is real case from our customer.

He purchased this  BMW 5 Series F10 F11 CIC NBT iDrive 2011-2016 Android Auto Head Unit 


The problem is The unit and cables came 13/8 and I installed the unit. I have not been able to get any sound either from the Android unit or from the OEM sources (radio, stored songs).


I have the 16 speaker Harmon Kardon HiFi OEM. Could this be part of the problem?

Can you please advise who I can contact to get advice for me to resolve this issue?


Our head unit screen can be work with factory Harmon Kardon HiFi OEM system.
The NBT system is correct.
Please go to factory settings with password 1314, then choose the correct screen and car model, then save it and reboot the head unit to test.

For the sound please connect the AUX cable like this photo:

BMW aux cable display screen radio



 Yes. I have indeed already set up the system with the AUX cable exactly as in the image. So the problem must be in the settings rather than the connections.

I will try again.



Do you go the factory settings with password 1314, then choose the correct your car type and screen.
Then must choose the AUX with manual.

BMW aux settings display screen radio




I got sound! The problem was the optic fibre green cables. I installed them into the correct compartment but they were twisted 180deg. They felt like they were correctly snapped in but they were not.

BMW aux cable display screen radio

BMW fiber optic display screen radio


Thank you again for your very timely responses.